I will end FGM. Will you?

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Youth around the world are speaking out to end FGM.

As the largest African generation ever, young people across Africa are raising our voices and making our stand to end FGM known. We are asking our friends, our peers, our communities and our leaders to join us in speaking out about FGM.

Will you join us?

Our vision is to spark 1,000,000 conversations around the world. Will you join us?

What are you doing to speak out? Share your stories of how you are
engaging your community, friends and family with us – shout it out on
#ihavespoken and #endfgm.


Make your “I will” commitment video in the following structure:

  • “My Name is (insert name).
  • I will (add your action).
  • Will you?”.

Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or here on the website using the hashtags #Ihavespoken and #endFGM.

The ‘I Will End FGM. Will you?’ campaign is an opportunity to celebrate the change that is already taking place, and to show the world the commitments young people are making to end FGM.

As the largest African generation ever, we are raising our voices and making our stand to end FGM known.

Did you know?


“These young people are taking action by shattering the silence that surrounds FGM. By inviting and inspiring others to join the movement, they take a giant leap forward towards creating a world that is safer for our girls.”
- Dr. Faith Mwangi-Powell, The Girl Generation

We believe that the culture of silence around FGM causes it to prevail and people’s reluctance to speak about the violent practice means that laws and policy alone won’t end it.

For us to really end FGM in this generation we must speak out. In 2010, a UNICEF study found that speaking out in the media and discussions in the community and at home played an important role in moving towards the abandonment of FGM in five African countries.

Over 200 million girls and women have undergone FGM globally. And a further 68 million girls are at risk of FGM by 2030. That’s one girl every 8 seconds.

Read our Talking Points to find out more about FGM and why it needs to end.


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