These are just some of the actions you could take to support the campaign


1. Form youth groups amongst your friends and peers where you might organise events (sports, arts, music etc) that could become an avenue to speak out and talk about ending FGM. What will capture the attention of the people you want to reach?


2. Write an article or blog with your views or how FGM has affected you and approach an influential blog or media publication to publish it for you. You can also upload it onto the campaign website to make your stand known.


3. Get into your local community, meet with people and talk to them about ending FGM. What are their views? Why do they think that? Are they open to change? You can use these simple questions to identify the key issues in your community and integrate them into your discussions. If they are open to it, take videos of your conversations and their reactions and thoughts and share them on social media using #ihavespoken and #endFGM.


4. Recruit and celebrate champions amongst your friends and community. These can be people who will speak out for your group and who will bring all your consolidated thoughts and voices to the fore.


5. Target influential people that your peers respect – and ask them to make their commitment to end FGM. Who will really help to get the attention of the people you want to reach?

6. Work with a local community organisation or respected individuals within your community to hold a community discussion about FGM, women and girl’s health and education. This will encourage people to talk about what is important to them and provides a non-confrontational way to discuss FGM. Use the Talking Points to help get a conversation started.


7. Involve your local health workers. Encourage them to share their views, experiences and become advocates for change in the campaign.


8. Arrange a visit at a local school, sports team or youth club to raise awareness about FGM.


9. Share your stories, videos, actions, and photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram using the #endFGM #ihavespoken and tag @thegirlgen


10. Download posters for use at your action event.