Our vision is to spark 1,000,000 conversations around the world

Will YOU join us? Will you speak out, and start

a conversation about FGM?

#EndFGM #ihavespoken

Be part of the action and make your commitment to end FGM

Here are some ideas of how you can speak out online.
Make your commitment to end FGM

Your short video should include the following:

“My name is (name, second name) from (country).

I will (action/commitment) to end FGM.

Will you?”



#ihavespoken #EndFGM

Share Campaign Messages and Content

Tag your family and friends asking them to share the message.
Our social media toolkit includes great ideas on what messages to share – but be inspired, make up your own.

Who can you inspire to get involved and speak out?



Use Campaign Graphics

Download the campaign profile frame for social media to attach to your profile picture to let the world know your commitment to end FGM.

Download other campaign graphics and posters below.

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